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Avon TrailRider


Because of some production problems, has Avon recalled all new Trailrider in the size:

120/80 -18 (62S)
130/80 -17 (65H)


New for 2015 Avon will replace the Distanzia with the Avon #TrailRider Boasting a stiffer construction for improvements in handling, rubber compounds have also been advanced to increase performance in the wet, with a dual compound tread for mileage in the centre, and grip on the edges.

The new motorcycle tyre Trail Rider will be available in folowing size:

Fronts                                                            Rears

80/90 -21 (48S)                                       110/80 -18 (58S)    140/80 R17 (65V)
90/90 -21 (54V) (Replaces 3.00-21)          120/80 -18 (62S)    150/60 R17 (66H)
100/90 -19 (57H)                                    120/90 -17 (64S)    150/70 R17  (69V)
110/80 R19 (59V)                                   130/80 -17 (65H)    160/60 ZR17 (69W)
120/70 R19 (60V)                                   140/80 -18 (70S)    170/60 R17 (72V)
120/70 ZR17 (58W)                                130/80R17 (65H)    180/55 ZR17 (73W)

The price and availability for the new AVON TRAILRIDER can you find in the webshop.

Applying the very latest know-how in terms of carcass construction, compound characteristics and tread pattern development, the Trailrider blends the all-season road capabilities of the critically-acclaimed Storm 3D X-M sport touring tyre with a rugged, off road-styled tread pattern.

Avon engineers and test riders focused on stability, wet grip and mileage on a wide range of large-capacity dual-sport machines. The resulting design offers improved capability over the outgoing Distanzia tyre. It's also a tyre developed in Britain, on British roads, in British weather – so it promises the ultimate in performance for UK riders.

Avon's motorcycle design engineer, Ashley Vowles, commented about the new tyre, saying, "We've designed the Trailrider carcass construction to deliver improved grip and handling. Our chemists have come up with a new super-rich silica compound, using the latest compounding technology to enhance wet grip without affecting mileage. We've also used a multi-compound tread on the rear radial models, giving softer tread on the edge for better grip, and a more durable compound in the centre of the tyre for better mileage.

"The radial Trailrider also incorporates our '3D Sipe' technology – three-dimensional interlocking toothed grooves, which open up to clear water, but lock closed when under pressure to improve stability and grip. They also limit tread flex and allow the tyre to warm up quickly."

Avon's new Trailrider will be available from the beginning of June in a large range of sizes – six fronts and twelve rears – and will be produced in radial and bias ply constructions.